Why does one need architectural photography?

Dear Architects,

Put down the mouse, close your Revit family, pause with your grasshopper definition.  Let's focus on your clients.

Architecture is a service industry.  What better way to communicate the services you're providing for your client than to give them exquisite photos of the design and construction process in addition to the final product.  To help you provide the best service to your clients, here is a list of the services I am offering you:

  • Artful construction progress shots
  • Perfectly composed interior and exterior images
  • A spatial experience in two dimensions
  • Professional equipment and painstaking post production processing
  • Architectural model photography
  • Photorealistic rendering consultation
  • Before and after comparisons
  • Detail highlighting
  • Contextual overviews

You put so much work, thought, and effort into each layer of your design.  Let me help you communicate that to your clients.

Kindest regards,